Internet Marketing – SEO & Why You Need It

What is SEO Chattanooga- Search Engine Optimization and what is the end result for your business? Quite simply it is the art of optimizing your content, website, and marketing message to drive more customers through search engine traffic to your business website. More traffic results in more leads.

So ask yourself, would you like to have 2 to 3 new customers a week? What kind of profit would that translate into? Go ahead………, do the real math.

Search Engine Marketing = Having more customers, means more revenue, which leads to a more fruitful and happier business and life. Now think what it would mean if your top competitor got those new customers and not you. That doesn’t = the same outcome does it? Why do we ask this…..well… Elect Media goal is to completely saturate the market for our partners, which is why we only take on 2 to 4 clients per market/service area. Also for our premier partners we offer exclusivity. This means for a certain product in a certain city/country/market we’ll only have 1 partner and we saturate the search engines for them only, leaving every competitor behind. It’ll  be either your company in your local market or your competitor who dominates the search engines and gets more customers. Be first in reaching out to us now to get the best SEO subscription price.

After Getting Your SEO Plan

Elect Media is not a set it and forget it SEO company, we offer full service Search Engine Marketing, which includes marketing across the full spectrum of your online presence based on strategic priority. We help you maximize your relationship building with your potential and current customers through Social Media Marketing Services, as well as working with your offline marketing department to maximize coordination of both marketing efforts.

Make the decision to rank higher and get more customers now.

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Our Process for Partnership

Yes we have a process for partnering with prospective business. Why? We don’t offer our services to anybody and everybody, sorry that’s how it is. We don’t partner with a company unless we are absolutely sure we can provide results. This is why each perspective customer is provided a free seo website analysis. This gives you an opportunity to see your current position in regards to your online marketing objectives based on current live data. This also gives us a in depth look at what it is going to really take to help you achieve your online goals. After we review the report, we give you a call to go over what we have found, what your online marketing goals are, and discuss how we can help you attain your marketing objectives. This process is absolutely free. In fact if you don’t learn 1 positive actionable thing out of our analysis we’ll give you a free month of SEO!!!

Pricing, Contracts and Terms?

This is just one of the attributes that set’s us apart from most Chattanooga SEO companies. We do not have minimum terms, contracts, or contract periods. We present our plan of action with a budget we feel is fair based on the real work required to attain the objective, and you agree to pay that subscription on a monthly basis. If you are satisfied with the work, keep paying us. We would rather explain this to you up front so you are on the same page as we are in regards to the timing to see results, providing you with the flexibility you deserve. We provide ranking updates every week or monthly overview reports depending on the campaign type so you can see the result of what we are doing for your campaign. Our pricing is based on data from your websites seo analysis, competition, your link profiles, and diversification needs. Each monthly SEO subscription price is specific to your site, there is no such thing as small business, enterprise pricing; everything comes down to the data. This means you may be a small, mid, or large size business, but not have to pay a lot to get results if your target keywords merit less effort. Other companies price you based on what you can pay, not on what you should pay. There is a big difference. Elect Media is the question and the answer to your success online, contact us today.


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Web Design Ninja’s

We have the best web design and development team ensuring that we build the most amazing websites that impress real people and search engines alike. What this means is we make sure your site is being optimized and made ready for the internet as we build each component of your web site. That is an added benefit of hiring us for any service; you receive extended value just out of the nature and positive elevation of our engineers and analysts. Every person working at any stage or part of a project has the same drive, dedication, and positive attitude on delivering you the best solution. Our websites are built to be viewed on any device including computers, tablets, and mobile devices this is automatically included in your web site design. We can handle building your entire online presence from website design to social media account creation and promotion. Need help with developing your content and marketing message? No problem we can write your entire websites copy tailored to your specific industry.

Why Choose Us?

Very simply we provide more value and a better product than any other web design company in Chattanooga. Also, have you seen these other web design companies websites? There web site does not look up to par to say the least? Elect Media builds you a stunning website at the most affordable price, and remember your site is being built by people who strive for excellence, quality, and positive energy flow.

Payment Process

We do not require contracts or minimum hosting terms. We present you with our best price and if you choose to engage us to design your website the process works as follows:

  • You accept our proposal
  • Make your first payment (usually half of whole price)
  • We build the website and submit it for review
  • You review and provide your input for changes
  • We make changes and present the final site
  • You approve the final site build and make your final payment
  • We make your site live on our server, or migrate it to your hosting provider

The process is that simple, we also provide free hosting to web design customers who purchase an SEO plan.

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We provide application support for enterprise Microsoft solutions including SharePoint, Project Server, and the corresponding Windows Server Operating systems. Elect Media has over 10 years experience in planning, implementing, and supporting critical multi-tier environments. We hold over 40 industry recognized certifications.

Supported Microsoft Applications

  • SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Project 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Office Web Apps


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