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At Elect Media Internet Marketing, we focus on planning & putting into action SEO with a data proven internet marketing plan that makes customers call your business. We have the technology & patience to uncover the core psychological & mental perspectives of your target audience, & our strategies directly elevate your business success by helping you convert prospects into customers.

So what does that technical jargon mean? Well lets simplify it into levels of marketing success based on a small example.

If you are here you realize you need something that people are calling SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. Basically the goal is to send prospective new customers (leads) to your website. First thing you need to do is find a company that can get your business to show up for search terms that are related to your product/service. So lets say you find an SEO company and after some time your website starts ranking on page 1 for several keywords. Sounds like a good start right? Well yes, but now your competing with everyone else on page 1. Let’s even say your in the top 3 and getting some serious traffic but for some reason people are visiting your site but not converting to customers, now you realize you have an issue that wasn’t included in the SEO companies package. Your marketing message & the way it is delivered doesn’t connect to your customers, and your web site needs to be completely re-purposed to match the different emotional, psychological, and mental perspectives of your core audience.

The reason this is important is because several companies may possibly know how to do SEO & get you ranked on page 1 for terms that either have no traffic but look cool in a report or you get the traffic but no conversions -> Customers. (We have the solution, but we’ll get to that in a bit)

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What’s The Difference Between Them?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, consists of several techniques that send the correct signals to search engines so they rank your website for terms people use when looking for your products or services.  Optimizing your website code & building the correct backlinks to your site from other industry relevant websites are some of the main aspects of SEO. A sometimes ignored aspect of SEO is making sure any strategies implemented are within the guidelines of search engines, this is often ignored by SEO companies which may lead to a website being penalized by the search engines. The main take away is that SEO focuses more on the technical aspects.

Internet Marketing, usually is a mix of SEO, Social, PPC, Content Marketing, Brand Awareness, Reputation Management, and more. The mix of each may vary from company to company, but the main difference is that each strategy implemented starts with the marketing message of the brand, and identifying the proper approach to convert people into customers. This is what most SEO companies either completely ignore or just lack experience. Elect Media is one of the first Internet Marketing Companies in the markets we service to bring awareness to this issue, and we are the only marketing company with a proven analytics driven solution that is adaptable enough to grow your marketing message as your customer evolves.

We are SEO – Internet Marketing innovators and Web Design trend setters.We are leaders. When we do something online, 3 to 6 months later we see our competitors trying to imitate us. Leaders lead because they have the capacity to quickly adapt, adjust, and triumph regardless of any obstacles they encounter. Followers follow because they don’t have the capacity to lead. So what happens when the blind lead the blind? They both suffer. This is what local businesses are doing if they put their trust into SEO companies that just regurgitate & recycle methods from outdated books or purchased training.

You need an Internet Marketing Company (us of-course) that has the experience, creativity, and technology to effectively adjust your marketing messages, strategies, and goals according to what your customers are actually doing at this moment. At Elect Media we find out exactly why a visitor didn’t complete your contact form. where and why they went to a different page after sitting on the order page for 3 minutes, what do most users look for when they are on your site, what are some of the common interests of the people who buy a certain product from you, how often does a customer referred to your site from Facebook buy more than one product, do they usually recommend services to their friends, etc, etc, etc. These are questions we answer through our proven methods and technology. The answers to these questions build the bridge to your customers based off real data & analytics, not a one size fits everyone approach based on averages & outdated information.

If you are ready to finally get the customers that your business deserves from a true full service internet marketing company, contact us now or complete your free SEO website analysis here. If your not sure what kind of internet marketing you need, explore the following main focus areas to learn more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Internet Marketing are the keys to your online marketing success. It doesn’t matter if your business is an online retailer or offline business, you must have a strategic internet marketing plan to reach your customers online. Virtually every age group, demographic, and type of customer (individual/b2b) uses the internet to access information and/or social media networks when researching products/services before making a purchase. Then when ready to buy, the purchase usually happens online or via a phone call from an internet site. Reach out to Elect Media first to find out the way we can help you identify where your customers are & how to reach them now.
More than 47% of US consumers prefer to buy products/services online, while upwards of 82% of people start their decision to buy something by researching online. They go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo & type in what they’re searching for. If they use Google they’ll get a number of Google Local listings relevant to the service they need. Most people don’t go past the first page when researching a service or product; in fact they usually call the first 3 to 5 listed businesses and then make their decision. If your local business is not showing up on page 1 when people search, then those new customers are paying money to your competitors. Find out now how you can make sure new customers find you online when they are searching for your services & products.
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SEO Recovery Services

Has your site recently seen a drop off in traffic, lost rankings, been sent a DMCA notification, or has been completely removed from search results? If so, your site may currently be under a penalty. There are many different reasons a penalty may be affecting your websites traffic & rankings. The best part is that most penalties can be identified & fixed when analyzed correctly. Let our team of SEO analyst take an assessment of your website to help you take the steps necessary to remediate & elevate your website back into the search engine positions it deserves.

Internet Marketing Success Factors

One of the most important things needed to succeed is your dedication to your own business. If you are not ready to invest in your own company then neither are we. 

Do You Need a Huge Budget?

No, but you should have a targeted budget in mind that you are comfortable with paying every month. We don’t use this to determine what we charge you per month, but it is helpful in determining what type of marketing options we can put in to action for your business. 

Do We Have Annual Contracts?

No, we charge month to month. We believe in delivering excellent marketing services that make you eager to stay month after month, year after year.

Who Are We?

Elect Media Internet Marketing is a collective team of certified information technology engineers. Together we hold over 40+ industry recognized certifications including Microsoft & Dell certifications. This means we have knowledge from several different online and computer related industries.

Where Are We?

We are a network of US based engineers, connected through several virtual offices. This helps us provide you access to the best talent in the world, and since we don’t have the cost of traditional office space, we can give you the most affordable pricing. Just in case your wondering each person you work with as a project manager, or internet marketing contact is US based.

Ready For Your Business To Succeed?

Too often businesses are confused by seo companies pricing, and how it is calculated. Elect Media bases our pricing from the actual work required to get you on page 1 over your competition. This could mean building 300 to 20,000 more links manually 1 by 1 over several months, writing custom industry specific content to publish on your behalf to content networks around the web, hours of meta data optimization on your website & social networks, competitor research & tracking to make sure you stay ahead of your competition, and the list goes on & on. Google implements hundreds of changes to their search algorithm every year usually without notice that effects broad percentages of peoples business by impacting search…..we stay informed with their updates to make sure we adjust our strategies to stay within their guidelines. These key areas are what comprise the pricing structure of your monthly campaign. Basically the competition of the keywords related to your product or service directly relate to the time, effort, and price required to rank you on page one. There is no push button solution.

Quite simply, the art & science of SEO – Internet Marketing is exactly that; a scientific method of influencing search engines by adhering to their guidelines. If a person needs a medical procedure done, they usually seek out the best doctor regardless of price because they want the best when it comes to their health. Well the health of your business is worth your investment.

If you spend $7 a day on a premium coffee beverage & $7 on lunch everyday then you are spending a minimum of $420 a month just on coffee and lunch. If you can spend that on coffee and a burger every month, surely you can invest into making your business successful online. Get started by completing our free SEO assessment of your website here.

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