Here are a few of our rankings on Page 1. We have several positions on Page 1 in multiple cities. We can do this for your business.


We approach online marketing with a full service strategy. This includes social marketing, content marketing, advertising, (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Technical SEO, conversion optimization, Analytics, Heat Map Tracking, Customer Acquisition script writing, and more.

Once you partner with ELect Media we start by putting together a custom marketing strategy that fits your business goals, then we implement the plan with precise focus & agility. The progress of each task is tracked via analytics so we know what & when to adjust any strategies or parts of the process for the best ROI.

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Pick up the phone & lets start the conversation. We usually take 1 customer per city for their industry. Basically we'll work with 1 dentist per city, 1 mortgage loan company per city, etc. This way there are never any conflicts of interest for our customers. That being said, we'd rather work with you than your competitor, so get started today. You should expect to spend atleast 15 minutes when you call, so we can learn about your business, your processes, & see if our services are a fit.

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