Elect Media is a team of Internet Marketing professionals helping businesses of any size
get real results in the form of more customers & increased growth.

How We Started

Elect Media was started more the 13 years ago to provide a solution for small to mid size businesses to get their business online at an affordable price. Our focus then was building out "brochure" type websites so business could have a place to send people to find out more information. With the introduction of smart phones & accessibility to online shopping, businesses started asking for ways to reach customers online. Although we had been optimizing sites for search, we had not developed a full strategy for our customers. So around 2007 we expanded our services to include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Paid Advertising, and more as an add on service to our web design packages. We quickly became very successful due to our affordable pricing & ability to deliver a quality product very fast. Business owners would need a website on Monday & we would finish it by Thursday! Furthermore our internet marketing side of the business grew more as more people started using their smart phones for everything.

What We Learned

It's been many years since we acquired our first customer & a bunch has changed. Although we provide services for Web Design, our primary service is online marketing. Word of mouth from our customers has helped the company grow. We now provide services across the United States with a focus on Albuquerque, NM, Atlanta, GA, & Baltimore, MD. After working with businesses from different industries & cities, we were able to develop proven strategies to help almost any business get more customers.

Something we continued to see was business owners not clearly connecting the different services & why they need them. Why was there different prices for add on's etc. For instance what is Social Media marketing? Why do you need that and SEO services? These questions led Elect Media to change the way we priced our marketing packages. We decided to include every service needed for successful online marketing into one price. Everything you need to succeed at the pricing point you can afford. This way you don't have to become an marketing expert, you can focus on running your business. We focus on getting your phone to ring, bringing foot traffic to your business, getting more sales to your online store, & providing you with fresh leads.

Business Today

Today Elect Media is a completely digital based company. We made the decision to make this transition due to the continued petition from small businesses asking for a marketing package to accommodate smaller budgets. So without the overhead of office expenses we've been able to completely renovate the way we do business. This has greatly improved workflow among employees through structured but flexible work schedules. From our content writers, marketing engineers, advertising executives, & social media analyst; everyone has increased productivity due to a healthy work/life balance. The biggest measurable difference for customers is our ability to provide extremely competitive pricing options. This means every business can now compete with the same multi-million dollar strategies & technology supporting them.

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