Would you like to have 2 to 3 new customers a week? What kind of profit would that translate into? Go ahead, do the real math…… Search Engine Optimization = Having more customers, means more revenue, which leads to a more fruitful and happier business and life. Now think what it would mean if your top competitor got those new customers and not you. That doesn’t equal the same outcome does it? Why do we ask this…..well… Elect Media believes in completely dominating the market for our partners, which is why we only take on 1 to 2 clients per market/service area. Also for our premier partners we offer absolute exclusivity. This means for a certain product in a certain city/county/market we will only have 1 partner and we will dominate the search engines for them only, leaving all the competitors behind. It will be either your company in your local market or your competitor who dominates the search engines and gets more customers. You decide. Contact us to find out if your market/service area is available to partner with us, in the mean time watch the video to get a little more insight on why it is important to have a solid online presence.


Our process is unique in the way that we plan and implement each stage of seo according to strategic timelines and specific actions for targeted results. Below is a brief summary of some of the areas we cover in a typical SEO campaign.


Search Engine Optimization Plan

Chattanooga Search Engine Optimization



On Page Search Engine Optimization

Keyword targeted meta, title, h1 – h3, em/bd tags, every page is optimized to each keyword, with density built for each pages content.



Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Social Proof and Social Marketing Campaign, Extensive backlinking profile to build authority and link velocity, Hardcore PR campaign, Local directory listings in Google, Yahoo, Bing.

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