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As an extension of your site’s content optimization, Elect Media offers Meta tag copy-writing and optimization for our full-service SEO clients. We will create custom Meta tags, title tags, Meta descriptions, H1 tags and image tags for each page of your site and optimize them to include your previously approved keywords.

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Meta Tag Copy-writing for SEO

Although Meta tags are not as important of a ranking factor as they once were, it is still considered best practice to properly optimize them for SEO. That is why Elect Media provides Meta tag copywriting services to our full-service SEO clients.

Meta tags are incredible important from a usability standpoint and can actually help with your site’s click-through-rate. Think of your page’s Meta tags and Meta descriptions like advertisements for the individual pages of your website. You have 150 characters to convince a potential visitor to click on your site and forgo the other listings in the search results page. What is going to catch the eye of that user and convince them to act?

As part of the Meta tag optimization process, Elect Media will create unique Meta tags and descriptions for each of your site’s pages. We will incorporate targeted keywords and call-to-actions when possible to help drive targeted traffic to your site.

Title Tag Copy-writing for SEO

Elect Media will also create unique title tags for your each page of your site as well. The title tag of page should incorporate the most important keywords of that page and give the visitor a clear idea of what kind of information they will find on that page. These 70 characters are another place the search engine search spiders pull related keywords from when determining how well your sit matches a particular search query.

H1 Tag Copy-writing for SEO

H1 tags are the headlines and sub-headers of your pages. Not only do they help your site from a usability perspective, breaking up larger blocks of content into more manageable and readable sections, they are also important for your SEO. By incorporating appropriate keywords into your H1, H2, H3 (and so forth) tags, you are telling the search spiders which search keywords that page is most appropriate for.

During the content optimization process, Elect Media will optimize your existing H1 tags. If your content does not currently include H1 tags, we will recommend that they be created and properly optimized before implementing the rest of your content optimization steps.

Image Tag Copy-writing for SEO

As the search spiders cannot see images, it is important to create unique image tags throughout your site. Image tags are also useful if your site fails to load properly, as it tells visitors to your site what the image is supposed to be.

Elect Media will create unique title tags for the most important images on your site. We do not believe in creating image tags (also known as alt tags) for every image as it can clutter the webpage and distract your reader.

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