4 Days Before Deadline, Google’s Larry Page: 75% Of Active AdWords Campaigns Are Enhanced

larry-pageOn today’s quarterly earnings call, Google CEO, Larry Page, addressed Enhanced Campaigns and noted that nearly three quarters of AdWords campaigns have migrated.

Page said:

“… we want to make advertising super simple for customers. Online advertising had developed in very device specific ways with separate campaigns for desktop and mobile. This made arduous work for advertisers and agencies, and meant mobile opportunities often got missed.

It’s why we launched Enhanced Campaigns. Advertisers have upgraded 6 million campaigns, that’s almost 75% of all their active campaigns. “

That means there is a total of some 8 million active AdWords campaigns. I don’t think we’ve seen Google give out that number in quite some time.

It also means that there are still roughly 2 million active Legacy campaigns that need to get migrated by Monday, or they’ll be forced over when Google makes the switch to Enhanced for all campaigns.

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