How to Get 624 Qualified Clicks from $166

So this is the breakdown of how I’ve been able to get 624 clicks for $166. My average cost per click is about $0.28. The average conversion rate for each of the traffic sources combined is 5.93%. So why should you care? Well let me give you a few reasons, then we’ll break down how to use the information provided.

traffic graphic


It’s a pretty picture right? To the untrained eye this doesn’t look like much. Ok, big deal a graphic showing some stats for some advertising spend. Ok, fair enough, but anyone that has been paying attention to search, specifically Google can see the value in such a small budgeted campaign. Looking at the graphic above,d pay close attention to the impressions row, 122, 667!!! Another word for impressions is views or displays, this means my ads have been shown over 120, 000 times. If you were doing a brand building campaign to boost exposure, confidence & trust in a brand; can you tell me a better way to get in front of your audience for less than $1 per 1,000 views?

cpc pic


This is cross channel advertising at its best; reaching people having conversations about your business on Facebook & Twitter & providing the answers to those searching on Google & Bing. On top of that getting over 600 clicks that are laser targeted specific to niche & interest provides immeasurable focus when boosting your referral traffic juice in Google eyes. Keep in mind Facebook & Twitter are not guessing at user intent because they don’t have to. They literally know what each of their users like based on retweets, follows, conversations, likes, shares etc. They have each person’s’ entire interest profile, so when they position an ad in front of someone they are more than likely very interested. If you can get targeted traffic from highly interested people for less than $1 per lead, wouldn’t you?

Moving along, let’s talk about click through rate, time on site, & quality control. One of the most efficient ways to rank a website in 2016 is quality control & user experience.

The average cost per click for each of these channels is amazingly low. Twitter is .14 cents per click! So if you haven’t started to catch on already there are several ways to maximize this campaign for maximum ROI.

First off adding in analytics & heat maps is a sure fire way to perfect your sales funnel on your website while identifying what top keywords & traffic sources produce the best leads. If you would like a step by step process on how to achieve getting more leads, perfecting your sales funnel, increasing user experience while targeting all of the above to produce better search engine rankings, let me know by subscribing to my list. I’ve been pondering providing actionable information for quite a while but was not sure if there was enough of an audience that would like insight on things that are actually working right now in search & how to implement them for maximum ROI.

Don’t worry your email won’t be spammed, it’ll only get a mail when I’ve discovered something new that’s working, sharing a step by step process that can help you, or letting you know about something I’ve tested that is now available for you to use to help your online marketing efforts. If you are one of those people who are tired of horrible wso offers, & just want to learn things that work, not a theory from someone who doesn’t even run a real business, then this is for you.

If enough interest is generated, then a full study shall be put together to show you how you can achieve this & more. Hint* just by installing the right analytics you could find out what search terms people are actively using to find your product or service. There is a difference between what you think, what Google suggests, & what people actually do. 🙂


Author: Uzzeyel KhuELenne | Elect Media Internet Marketing