AdAlysis Launches To Make AdWords Ad Testing More Efficient, Accurate

AdAdlysis ppc ad testing tool

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Ad testing in paid search is a relatively painless — until it comes to the actual analysis. It’s easy to set up ads tests, but analyzing ad performance can be a time sucking process for even the most sophisticated paid search teams. Worse yet, the results can be misleading if enough information isn’t available, the data have not been segmented or filtered appropriately or the wrong dates ranges are selected.

Seeing an opportunity to make this key process more productive and accurate, co-founders Brad Geddes and Emmanuel Gad launched ad testing software AdAlysis last month. Geddes is a paid search veteran and founder of Certified Knowledge. Emmanuel Gad, founder of Advanced Precision Marketing, leads development for adAlysis.

Successful, ongoing ad testing typically involves calendars, spreadsheets, math (particularly an understanding of statistical significance) and lots of time. AdAlysis is designed to automate the testing process and take the guesswork out of choosing winners and losers based on the metrics being tracked against marketing goals.

The benefits of the solution are numerous and features are well thought out. The system automatically tracks where ad tests are running by campaign, ad group and even device. There’s no need to tell the system where tests are running, it knows. And, instead of having to continually set alerts to go in and check on a test to see if there is enough data, AdAlysis will send notifications when winning ads have been determined.

“This is the magic. You can configure minimum data and metrics; but you never have to define a test,” explains Geddes. “You can create ads through us, AdWords directly, another system — we don’t care. Every night we’ll figure out where you’re testing and automatically add or remove the tests.”

A look at the configuration screen below provides an overview of the settings that are available. Advertisers can set minimum data thresholds and confidence levels for determining winners and select the metrics such as click-through rate and click conversion rate on which tests will be measured.

Setting up ppc ad testing in AdAlysis

It’s possible to test ads within one ad group or across multiple ad groups to look at specific wording, like a call-to-action for example. Geddes says, “These are lines (that can contain wildcards) that appear in multiple ads like you’d make with templates, and then we aggregate the data at the ad line level so you can easily test templated ads across a your campaign.”

Here’s a look at the multi ad group testing screen:

AdAlysis multiple ad group ad testing analysis

How many times have you exported ad data and started formatting your report only to realize you didn’t segment the data before exporting and have to start all over?  AdAnalysis automatically segments ads by device, network and ad format for proper comparisons.  Below is a more detailed screenshot of what the test results screen looks like and the insights provided.

PPC ad testing screen in AdAlysis

Image source: AdAlysis

The solution is available globally. Pricing starts at $99 for up to 1,000 active ads.

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