AdGooroo Launches Competitive Insights For Local Paid Search


For companies running paid search campaigns to support marketing efforts across multiple regions, search marketing intelligence platform AdGooroo has launched its Local Insight solution to give paid search advertisers a view into what their competitors are doing in local markets.

Subscribers to the service will be able to monitor competitor performance in as many as 55 US cities. As with AdGooroo’s existing SEM Insights, marketers will be able to get data on which keywords competitors are bidding on, ad copy and landing pages, as well as budget, traffic and click-through rate estimates.

“While other geo-targeted search intelligence solutions provide only one or two data points at the local level, AdGooroo’s Local Insight offers a broad range of data to help advertisers gain a complete picture of the search landscape in each market and make more informed decisions,” explained AdGooroo founder and CEO Richard Stokes.

Local Insights also provides regional cost differences for the same keyword and advertiser through interactive map visuals. AdGooroo says it will continue to build out the number of cities measured in Local Insight.

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