Adobe First To Announce Support For Bing Product Ads

adobe-media-optimizerToday, Adobe announced it’s first to market with support for Bing Product Ads. Very similar to Google Product Listing Ads, Bing Product pull from merchant’s product feeds to show product images, prices and other details on search results pages.

According to the Adobe release, Adobe Media Optimizer can now support the following functions for Bing Product Ads:

  • Man­age Bing Prod­uct Ads and Pro­mo­tions Lines
  • Man­age Bing Prod­uct Targets
  • Report and mea­sure Prod­uct Ad and Prod­uct Tar­get per­for­mance against ROI metrics
  • View search queries that led to con­ver­sions through Bing Prod­uct Ads
  • Algo­rith­mi­cally opti­mize bids between indi­vid­ual Prod­uct Tar­gets and the broad All Prod­uct Target
  • Cre­ate and update cam­paigns from prod­uct feeds and tem­plates using Advanced Cam­paign Man­age­ment (com­ing this quarter)

Bing product ads

Microsoft said Bing Products Ads would launch in the U.S. this summer, but has not yet issued a formal launch announcement.

Update: Microsoft tells us Bing Product Ads will run in closed beta through the 2013 holiday season.