AdWords Adds Single Currency Reporting For Conversion Values


AdWords advertisers that accept multiple currencies on their sites or apps can now track ad-driven conversion values in a single currency.

The change means sales will be converted into the same currency as the billing settings in an AdWords account. Advertisers importing goals and transactions from Google Analytics can assign a currency to them, and AdWords will automatically convert the currency.

A retailer or app developer accepting payments in dollars, euros and pounds, for example, can automatically see all transaction revenue in the currency that’s set for AdWords billing. No more having to convert and reconcile the currencies manually to calculate revenue performance. Conversion values will then be reported in the same currency as ad costs, making ROAS calculations much easier.

If you use cross-account conversion tracking in an MCC that has accounts with different billing currencies, the conversion values will be shown in one common currency — set at the MCC level — to make it easier to compare performance. At the individual account level, you’ll be able to see revenue in the local currency after adding a currency to each conversion action.

Google uses the average daily foreign exchange rate when converting conversion values into the account currency for reporting. To learn how to assign a currency to conversion actions, read the support information here.

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