AdWords Editor Version 10.4 Arrives With Bid Strategies Support

adwords-editor-iconThe PPC Twittersphere lit up today with word that Google dropped the latest version of AdWords Editor today. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new in Version 10.4.

Bids and Bid Strategies: Much awaited, AdWords Editor now supports flexible bidding strategies. Users can update bid strategies down to the keyword level, apply flexible bid strategies from the accounts’ shared library and copy or move items along with their bid strategies within an account or to a different account.

You can also edit bids in ways that fall outside of the campaign bid strategy — for example adding CPM bids to a CPC campaign.

Engagement Ads: Users can now ad new engagement ads — rich media display ads that expand or play when a user hovers over or clicks on them — a new setting on the Ad Groups tab. In the Web UI engagement ads are available for the campaign sub-type called “Display Network only – Engagement.” In Editor the setting is at the ad group level with “Ad group type”. There are two options of Default and Engagement. This setting is only available to new, unposted ad groups and can’t be changed once the ad group is posted.

Viewable CPM: Google rolled out the option to buy impressions based on viewability last November. Now editor supports the setting for manual CPM campaigns, users can enable or disable “viewable CPM” on the campaigns tab.

More Image Sizes: A slew of new image ad sizes are supported in the new version, many of which are mobile-friendly (300×100) or popular internationally (750×200 popular in Poland). Here’s the complete list of supported sizes.

Other changes include the addition of Search Network with Display Select campaign type support and a bug fix in the way URLs for shared sitelinks updated. Version 10.4.1 is available for download here.