AdWords MCCs Get Cross-Account Campaign Management & Reporting

google-adwords-red-1920In a very handy update, Google has added a Campaigns tab to manager accounts (MCCs) in AdWords. Instead of having to navigate in and out of separate accounts, you can now review and make certain edits to campaigns across accounts at the manager account level.

adwords cross-account campaign management


Edit budgets, change campaign status and review performance (with segments, filtering and columns all available) across any number of accounts. You can also create new campaigns from this level as well.

In the main Accounts tab, Google also made some updates to the reporting, including the addition of segments and filtering tools as well as conversion data and other columns. The date range selector also now goes beyond 90 days and includes the ability to compare date ranges.

For those using sub-manager accounts, a new dropdown lets you select accounts directly linked to a sub-manager.


(Google also says it is retiring the terms My Client Center and MCC in favor of manager accounts, apparently for simplification, but I gotta say, blah to that name.)

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