AdWords Search Query Data Now Available Sooner


Today Google’s Jon Diorio announced that some AdWords data is now being updated more frequently.

I happened to notice the change this morning when I checked on a Search Terms report in a campaign that launched just yesterday and has very little data. I was expecting to see the “not enough data” message, but instead saw results — even for a keyword that’s had one click and fewer than 400 impressions.

Diorio says, that in addition to search queries, more frequent updates are available for geographic performance and automatic placements data.

The AdWords help center has a break down of when certain metrics and reports are updated. Clicks and conversions, for example, are typically reported within three hours, while search terms, automatic placements and geographic performance data is typically updated within 6 hours with this change. Other reports like the Top Movers report take longer. Check the Data Freshness page for more details.

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