Another Google PLA Test Targets Low-Priced Products

percentage discount promotion text google product listing ads

Screenshot courtesy of ChannelAdvisor

A new test spotted in Google’s product listing ads highlights low prices on select products.

A twist on the Value Alert test seen in May, this version tells shoppers about the percentage discount compared to the average price of a product in the promotional copy in the ad (seen when the user hovers over it).

ChannelAdvisor, which first noticed this new iteration, speculates that Google is pulling the average prices of the product across Google Shopping.

What’s also interesting is that there is nothing to distinguish this “percentage lower” language from the typical promotional copy advertisers can append to their product listing ads. Unlike the Value Alert notice, there is nothing to signal to users that this is Google-generated copy or that indicates a special notice without hovering on the ad.

A Google spokesperson would only say, “As part of our efforts to help people find great deals and useful pricing information, we’re currently running a small test of a feature that highlights particularly good prices for products.”

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