Apple Buys Ads On Google & Bing To Celebrate The Mac’s 30th Birthday

Leaving nothing to chance, Apple’s ensured that anyone searching for “Mac” on Google or Bing today, the 30th birthday of the Mac, will know about the anniversary. The company has purchased ads that lead to a special Mac birthday area of the Apple site.

Above is an example of what shows on Google, for a search on “Mac,” an ad saying “Happy Birthday, Mac” and inviting people to “Explore 30 years of innovation on the Mac.” The ad links over to the page at Apple about Macs, which has a pitch for the birthday area:

The birthday area itself has a special video for the Mac’s 30th anniversary (which you can also view on YouTube):

Click here to view the embedded video.

There’s also a timeline of major Mac moments:

Those who go to the Apple site directly will find the entire home page has been taken over for the anniversary:


Over at Bing, there’s a similar ad:

Yahoo, which uses Bing’s ads, also has the Apple ad appearing.

Google, which does special logos for major birthdays and anniversaries, didn’t honor the Mac’s 30th. Nor did Bing, which does custom home page backgrounds for special events.