Apple’s iOS 9: What Are The Implications For Search Marketers?


Mobile apps have long posed an issue for search marketers. Because search engines have historically been unable to crawl and index in-app content, mobile apps have traditionally fallen outside of the realm of SEO professionals.

All of that has changed recently with the introduction of app indexing, which enables app content to surface in mobile search results where relevant.

While much of the conversation on app indexing has focused on Google — but with the iPhone accounting for almost half of all US smartphone users, it’s important to consider Apple, as well. Search marketers will need to begin optimizing their mobile app content for Apple Search indexation if they want to stay ahead of the competitors.

The release of iOS 9 last month brought with it some changes that search marketers (among others) may want to take note of. In particular, iOS 9 introduces several APIs to help developers make their content available in the appropriate index on the device.

In my article over on Marketing Land today, I talk with search expert Sri Nagubandi and UX professional Andrew Korf about the impact of iOS 9 on both the search and user experience — and how marketers can benefit from the new technologies and features introduced by iOS 9. Check out the full story here:

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