Back-To-School PLA Advertisers: Heed New Google Shopping Feed Requirements

google-shopping-featuredThis is important for all merchants running Google product listing ads to note, but the timing makes it particularly key for advertisers running back-to-school or summer blow-out promotions.

As we previously reported, Google announced new specifications for Google Shopping product feeds. The key change was the addition of the unique product identifier (UPI) for custom products or other items without a UPI like brand name or MPN.

Today the company announced that enforcement of the new unique product identifier has begun and will escalate over the coming weeks until September. If your feeds don’t comply, violating items will not be served in product listing ads.

In some cases, the cut-off date extends to September 16, but to be safe, all merchants should be sure to update their feeds with the new unique product identifier by September 1 at the latest — and now for peak-season advertisers.

Along with the new UPI, Google also announced new specs like the ability to load higher resolution images, add multipack items, and include more descriptive detail in product feeds. For a review of what’s changing and additional resource links, see our summary here.