Backlinks and how they drive traffic to your site

It’s not always easy to keep up with all the latest techniques to increase traffic to your sites. And one of the most important factors that affects your site’s ranking in search engines, backlinks, may end up overlooked if you are unfamiliar with how to make the most of this search engine optimization strategy. But you don’t have to be and expert, because for the most effective techniques in New Mexico search engine optimization our Albuquerque web design professionals have many years of experience helping businesses employ SEO strategies.

What are backlinks

Understanding how backlinks affect your site beings with understanding how the Google search engine ranks a page. Google gives rank to a page based on how important it thinks a particular page is in relation to the rest of the pages on the Internet. It determines this importance by counting how many pages on the Internet point to this page.

How do backlinks help with a site’s ranking?

Although it’s a bit more complicated than this. Not only does Google count how many links there are to your page, it gives rank to your page based on a percentage of the ranks of all of these pages that links to it. This means that even a few links from several highly ranked pages can count more than a lot of links from low ranked pages. This is an important thing to keep in mind, as you will see further down in this article.

How can you get backlinks?

The way this all applies to a Web developer is that you want to make sure there are plenty of high quality, high ranking pages linking back to yours. While you are fairly limited in how much control you have on how many pages link to yours, there are things you can do to encourage other sites to link to your pages. One of the best things you can do is have fresh relevant content that other sites will want to link to without any encouragement from you. But you can also interact with other sites, blogs and forums, leaving links to your site from the comments you post. You may even be able to arrange link exchanges where you link to their site if they link to yours.

Should you use a backlink service?

Some people pay for a link farm which is a company that sets up hundreds of pages on the Net with the sole purpose of linking to other sites to try to influence their ranks. And here’s where the ranking of pages that links to yours comes into play. Pages in a link farm tend to have little quality content and are usually recognized for what they are by search engines. This means that for all the backlinks these sites provide to your pages, they are almost useless because they tend to be ranked very low themselves. This is where the fine line between optimization and cheating the system comes into play.

But you don’t really have to worry about all these fine distinctions because for SEO Albuquerque companies know our Web programmers have all the experience needed to grow quality backlinks for your company. So if you want to go with the web design Albuquerque and surrounding area business have come to trust, contact us today to start developing your company’s SEO strategy.