Bing Adds Pinterest Boards To Image Search

If image search is important to your business, this might be another reason to be active on Pinterest: Bing has just added Pinterest boards to its image search results.

The boards show up on the far right of Bing’s image search results page. The board name and image count are displayed, along with the Pinterest user’s account name (first image below).

Clicking on one of the Pinterest board results leads to another page on Bing image search that shows almost the entire set of images from the Pinterest board, starting with a visible link to visit the board itself on Pinterest’s website (second image below).



It’s too soon to say how Bing is choosing which boards to show. On the screenshots below for a Bing “pumpkin pie” image search, Pinterest boards from users with 300 followers to thousands of followers are showing up — so it’s apparently not just about power user accounts.

This is a pretty wide rollout it seems — the Pinterest boards showed up on all but one of about 8-10 Bing image searches I tested.