Bing Ads Debuts Enhanced Sitelinks In U.S.

Bing Ads enhanced sitelinksEnhanced Sitelinks are now available on Bing Ads in the U.S., and  will be rolling out to more global markets through the end of the year. Enhanced Sitelinks offer two additional lines of copy below the link itself.

Bing Ads reports that on average, advertisers testing Enhanced Sitelinks saw click-through rates rise 27 percent, without any significant CPC change.

Enhanced Sitelinks only trigger for the ad in the top position, and are much more likely to display on ads in high performing campaigns. As with AdWords, it probably doesn’t make sense to invest loads of time building these out across every campaign when they’re not likely to trigger. Instead start with brand campaigns and maybe your top performing non-brand campaign.

Eliot Li, program manager for Bing Ads, says they are still experimenting with optimizing the user experience for Enhanced Sitelinks across the Yahoo Bing Network (YBN).

For that reason, a portion of the network has not yet been enabled for Enhanced Sitelinks until we have determined the optimal user experience. We expect most of the US traffic in YBN will be enabled to serve Enhanced Sitelinks in the coming weeks.
Eliot Li

Bing Ads has step-by-step instructions on how to enhance your Sitelinks in the announcement here.

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