Bing Ads Editor To Get Several New Targeting Enhancements

Bing Ads is currently piloting several new features for Bing Ads Editor that are planned to roll out in the coming weeks. Here’s a preview of three of the new features.

Bulk Location Targeting

A new “Targeting” tab will be the hub for users to add location targets and exclusions in bulk. An auto-complete feature helps speed the process of location targeting.  This screen also includes the option to set physical intent options such as “show ads to people in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location”

Bing Ads Editor Targeting Tab

Radius Targeting

A new window available from the “Campaigns” tab offers a dedicated radius targeting window. Advertisers can couple radius targets with geo targeting such as combining town and zip code targets.
Bing Ads Editor Radius Targeting

Duplicate Keyword Finder

A handy new “Duplicate keywords” view will allow users to scan and entire account or specific campaigns and ad groups for keywords in the same order — or even in different order.  The feature includes an option to include negative keywords in the search — an easy way to find conflicts. From the duplicate keywords window, users can further filter the list. Duplicate keywords are then marked with an “!” symbol for management.

Bing Ads Editor Duplicate Keyword Finder

More updates are on the way in the next version of Bing Ads Editor expected to roll out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details.