Bing Ads Editor Update Gives The Lowly “Sync Update” Window Real Functionality

In the newest update to Bing Ads Editor, the Bing Ads team has given the Sync Results window some useful functionality

Bing Ads Editor updated sync windowLike AdWords editor, the new synch window in Bing Ads Editor shows the total number of changes and the number of those that have been successfully downloaded from or posted to the account. A new Status column replaces the old Errors column. This column will return either Success or Error links in each row. Clicking on the notice will open a new tab with outcome details.

Nearly Hidden Gem

Also new are options to document and share the sync results. The clicking the Show Results File link will download the changes to a CSV file and open automatically. This is the most subtle, yet likely the most useful new feature for most users. As Ping Jen writes in the announcement post:

Many of you use Editor to download campaign data from Bing Ads, then export it to Excel.  The Show Results File function removes that extra step by automatically opening your campaign data in Excel for you. 

I’m not sure I would have thought to use it for that purpose if he hadn’t pointed it out.

The Copy Details link allows you to copy and paste the results to an email, for example. This functionality is a bit funky because the user is given no indication that clicking on the Copy Details link has activated the copy function. It does work, though. Just click on the link and then open your email or document to paste the results.