Bing Ads launches Automated Imports to sync campaigns from AdWords


One of the most successful features of Bing Ads has been Google Import, which lets advertisers port over existing AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. It has significantly spurred adoption by making it mostly effortless to give the platform a chance. Now, Bing Ads is adding Automated Imports for campaigns ported from AdWords.

With Automated Imports, advertisers no longer have to remember to update ad copy. By scheduling imports, changes made in Adwords campaigns — ad copy, extensions, budgets and so on — can be automatically updated in Bing. Scheduled imports can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


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The Import Options you select when setting up the Import — new ad groups, ads, keywords; campaign budgets; ad group and keyword bids; negative keywords; negative sites; location targeting; tracking templates and custom parameters; ad extensions — will then continue to get automatically synced from AdWords to Bing Ads.

A summary of scheduled imports shows which campaigns are set for syncing. Advertisers can pause or delete scheduled imports or adjust their settings. A file captures any errors or warnings generated during syncing.


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Not every AdWords optimization will or should translate to Bing, of course, but this can help advertisers that are low on resources ensure that ad copy, landing pages and promotions used in ad extensions are updated uniformly across both Google and Bing, for example.

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