Bing Ads Launches Call Extensions With Skype On All Devices

Long anticipated, Bing Ads has rolled out call extensions powered by fellow Microsoft entity, Skype.

The use of Skype uniquely allows Bing Ads call extensions to be delivered across all devices, including desktops.

Bing Ads PPC Call Extensions via SkypeCall extensions can be set up using the web UI, Bing Ads Editor or the new Bing Ads APIs.  They will also import directly from Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. The set up options are very similar to AdWords, though there is the option to use a local or toll-free forwarding number.

As with the “directions” link that rolled out in Bing Ads location extensions last month in the US, call extension clicks are charged on a CPC basis. Important to note: In addition to the CPC charges, calls to forwarding phone numbers are charged $1.00.

setting up bing ads call extensions

Call extensions can be used together with location extensions. Location extensions can also include phone numbers, so how and when the phone numbers display depending on what options you choose can get confusing.  Bing Ads put together a matrix below (also available here) as a guide.

Call Extensions Location Extensions Bing Ads

Click to call reporting includes impression, call and spend metrics at the campaign, ad group and extension level.