Bing Ads Launches Campaign Planner Packed With Competitive Data, Keyword Insights

Bing Ads Campaign Planner

The new Campaign Planner in Bing Ads offers search insights by vertical.

A powerful new tool is available in Bing Ads that will help search marketers better understand the competitive landscape, get new keyword ideas and fine tune their campaigns. Campaign Planner offers marketplace insights including search traffic trending and forecasting data, industry benchmarks, competitor performance and keyword suggestions.

Within the Campaign Planner, advertisers can drill into vertical insights to find search data on products including search volume broken down by device type, average cost per click (CPC) by page position. Marketers can then build “favorites” lists of product categories that will show up on the home screen. Reports can be downloaded into Excel.

The Competition tab is similar to Auction Insights in AdWords, though with some differences. It shows the top 10 advertisers bidding on a product and their performance data. Marketers can see the names of top competitors, their share of ad coverage and average position during the past week.

Below is a look at Competition insights for “Pet Dishes & Feeders”. held 37.26 percent of the ad share overall, however was in the best position (position one) more often than the other advertisers with 15.15 percent share.

Bing Ads Campaign Planner competition tabNote the competition tab is only available on a product category level.

Click onto the Keyword tab and Campaign Planner shows the top keywords associated with a product or individual related keywords and the search volume, click-through rate and average CPC over the past 7 days. A column also shows the change in search volume from the previous week.

Bing Ads Campaign Planner keyword data

You can click on individual keywords for search trends and CTR and CPC data by match type.

Campaign Planner is located under the Tools menu in Bing Ads. Note, you’ll have to sign in again after clicking on Campaign Planner by clicking on “Sign in” in the upper right. It’ll then automatically sign you into the account used to log into Bing Ads.

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