Bing Ads Releases Targeting Updates For Bing Ads Express

bing-ads-600Bing Ads today announced several updates for its small business solution, Bing Ads Express. This is the first big series of updates since the Bing Ad Express service launched last October.

Here’s the rundown on the new updates. The focus is on improved targeting options:

  • Advertisers now have the ability to target the full breadth of DMAs within the US. Until now, targeting was limited to 50 DMAs.
  • The number of business categories now includes more than 2,200 options.
  • Ads can be associated with multiple categories. In the example below, one ad is associated with both the Orthodontists and the Dentists categories. Note that it is still possible to create separate ads for different categories.
  • bing ads express updatesBing Ads Express will also now suggest related category suggestions when available.

Choosing the right category is crucial because this targeting is what helps ensure your ads reach the right audience for your business. Bing Ads cautions against choosing categories that aren’t closely relevant to the business. Loose targeting can result in low quality leads and poor ROI on a campaign because the business isn’t reaching the right people. Select the most relevant categories for your ad.