Bing Ads Rolling Out Dynamic Sitelinks In U.S.

Bing Ads has debuted Dynamic Sitelinks, new annotations that are automatically created and displayed in the same fashion as standard Sitelinks that advertisers control. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Google introduced the same feature in July.

The engines know that sitelinks increase click-through rates, so if you haven’t taken the time to set up your own sitelink extensions, the engines will serve up the annotations for you. Bing Ads pulls deep links information based on the ads’ display URLs to give users a sense of what they’ll find on the site.

Bing Ads Dynamic Sitelinks

Again, this feature only affects advertisers that aren’t using sitelink extensions, which give you control over what is displayed in your ads — and which Bing Ads says yields “superior” performance compared the algorithmically-generated dynamic sitelinks.

If you want to opt out of dynamic sitelinks entirely, you can do so by contacting Bing Ads support or your account manager. Advertisers are not charged for clicks on dynamic sitelinks.

Dynamic sitelinks are rolling out now to U.S. advertisers and will be completed before the holidays, according to Bing Ads.

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