Bing Ads rolls out multiuser access with single sign-on

Shortly after launching the Multi-Linking feature this past fall to help users managing multiple accounts, Bing Ads is now offering an additional way to manage multiple accounts easily.

Multi-User Access will allow users to have one email and password to access all of the Bing Ads accounts they manage. The single login will further streamline switching between different clients while eliminating the need for multiple logins.

Upon login, the accounts an email has access to will be listed.

Image from Bing Ads

Available accounts can also be accessed from a drop-down menu available in the upper right beneath the login credentials. In addition, users can manage defaults and remove their access.

How to access the feature

If you currently access accounts via multiple logins, you can contact Bing Ads support to have them consolidated under one login. Or you can simply start accepting user invitation requests to the login you wish to use.

An important note is that Bing Ads API version 11 does not yet support this feature, so account access will still need to be done via the original login used. This will be updated in Version 12.

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