Bing Ads Tests Consumer Ratings Annotations


Bing Ads is partnering with reviews service, Viewpoints, to test out displaying consumer ratings annotations in text ads.

Like Google’s version, which pulls from its own survey program, the ratings annotations in the Bing ads feature grades on performance features such as customer service, return policies, pricing, and selection.

I haven’t been able to see this test in the wild, but The SEM Post, which first reported the test has some good screenshots including this one:

bing ads consumer ratings annotations

Source: The SEM Post

Bing Ads is also running a test to show Twitter follower counts in ads. Asked whether Bing Ads would display more than one annotation at a time, a Microsoft spokesperson told Search Engine Land, “Bing Ads is constantly experimenting with our annotations, including the number and combinations displayed, to deliver the best value for our customers. In some cases this means we show more than one annotation.”

This test and Twitter follower annotations are both in early stages. I stopped seeing Twitter followers showing up in ads yesterday afternoon after seeing them consistently.

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