Bing Ads To Give Agencies More Functionality To Manage Client Relationships

The way agencies manage their customer accounts using their agency login in Bing Ads is soon to undergo a revamp. Currently, client account lists are housed under the Agencies tab, but Microsoft acknowledges there have been limitations to the functionality offered. The update is meant to fix these shortcomings.

Bing Ads Agencies Tab

Current View of the Agencies Tab in Bing Ads

Instead of a separate Agencies tab, the new update will offer a rolled up Accounts list under a simplified Accounts & Billing menu.

Bing Ads Agencies Update

An upcoming update adds functionality for managing agency-client relationships.

From the Accounts tab, agencies will be able to do the following:

1. Link and unlink accounts from the full list of accounts managed by the agency.

2. Link individual accounts instead of an entire client by entering the client Account numbers that apply.

3. Specify whether the client or the agency is responsible for billing. When the agency starts the account linking process, a new Management Details section will include a Billing Method field.

4. Give users access to specific accounts rather than an entire client.

Bing ads update to agency client account linkingThe update will occur automatically, and users will no longer have to switch to the old interface.