Bing Ads Updates Campaign Planner Tool For Search Trends, Keyword And Competitive Research


In September, Bing Ads released its Campaign Planner tool, which includes vertical and product trend data, keyword research and competitive insights. This week, the first update to the tool was released.

If you’re not already familiar with this tool, I recommend taking some time and digging into it. It’s located under the Tools menu in Bing Ads.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find:

Industry Vertical & Product Trends

This is the area where you can see search volume trends on pre-defined industry verticals and products categories. With this update, you can now compare search volume trends year-over-year or week-over-week.

You can also visualize search volumes by device and location from the last seven day period, and get benchmarks such as average CPC.

Below the chart is the total number of times the keywords in the vertical or product group were searched in the last seven day period of Sunday to Saturday.

The Network drop down allows you to include or exclude Search Partners data.

Bing Ads campaign planner update on vertical industy insights

The Keyword Tab will show you the top keywords at the Sub-vertical or Product level you’ve currently selected with basic performance metrics (impressions, average CPC, etc) and search volume breakouts by device as well weekly change in total search volume.

You can also search for other keywords using the search box.

The Competition Tab provides data on up to 20 domains advertising in the vertical or product group selected. Metrics include ads coverage (impression share) and coverage share by best position, top of page and sidebar along with an average position.

Seasonal Insights

Somewhat hidden under the Occasions & Gifts umbrella vertical, the sub-vertical Holidays & Seasonal includes product breakouts that include Christmas, Holiday & Seasonal Decorations, Thanksgiving, Jewish Holidays and New Year’s.

For example, so far this year, search volume for Holiday & Seasonal Decorations was highest on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  The keyword “thanksgiving table settings” dominated searches in this product category on that day — rising from just 19.6K on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to 148.2K on Wednesday.

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