Bing Boasts Continuous Updates To Their Search Engine Daily


Dr. Jan Pedersen, Chief Scientist, Bing and Information Platform R&D wrote this morning on the Bing blog that Bing is continuously updating their search engine, “multiple times per day.”

Some may think that Microsoft is a big and slow company to make changes but the blog post explains that is at least not the case when it comes to Bing, their search engine.

“Four years ago, Bing engineers deployed new features once a month,” they said. But now Bing ships “features to production multiple times per day,” he added. This is based on Bing taking a different approach through what is known as agile development.

Now Bing has 600 engineers, which is an 6X increase from four years ago. They are running 20,000 tests, a 10X increase, per submission attempt, and has kept feature submission times below 30 minutes.

In short, Bing is doing a lot, constantly improving, testing updating and investing in their search technology in order to compete with Google’s incredibly frequent updates.

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