Bing Ends 2013 With All-Time High In US Market Share, But Google Also Up [comScore]

google-bing-new-logosBing ended 2013 with an all-time high market share of search activity inside the US, but it was Google with the biggest monthly gain in December according to the latest comScore qSearch data.

Google’s share of search queries was up 0.6 percent in December to 67.3 percent. Using comScore’s numbers, that’s Google’s second-highest share estimate ever. Last February, comScore estimated Google’s market share at 67.5 percent. Looking at year-over-year numbers, Google rose from 66.7 percent in December 2012 to last month’s 67.3 percent.

Bing only gained one-tenth of a percent between November and December 2013, but its estimated 18.2 percent of all searches is another all-time high. Bing’s gains are more substantial year-over-year. It went from 16.3 percent in December 2012 to 18.2 percent last month — an almost 12 percent gain for the 2013 calendar year.


Yahoo’s 10.8 percent in December is another all-time low. On the company’s most recent earnings call, CEO Marissa Mayer admitted the obvious — that Yahoo’s search share is falling and that the company is basically trading share with Microsoft.

Overall search query volume was up slightly in December after a bigger six percent drop in November.