Bing Gives IE11 Users A Quick Look At The Top Search Result With New “Pre-Rendering” Feature

bing-2013-logo-featuredBing released a new search feature today that “almost instantly” renders the associated page of the top search result when clicked. With the goal of providing a “faster end-to-end search experience,” the new “pre-rendering” feature is currently available only to IE11 users.

According to the announcement, this update follows a series of recent updates by Bing to minimize the search completion time, staring with Snapshot released in June of last year. The company rolled out its auto-suggest “Ghosting” feature in February, claiming it speeds up search time by 16 percent, reducing both clicks and typing time.

Bing also referenced the auto-suggest upates it released in May, along with the expanded list of categories the search engine added to its auto-suggest feature.

Bing Search2

Bing says that a majority of search tasks are devoted to:

The kind of research that requires multiple queries and visiting multiple pages – either to find exactly the right one, or because the task itself requires additional digging in mulitple locations.

Bing’s pre-rendering feature was designed to reduce the number of tasks needed to complete a “typical search” by using an IE11 pre-render tag that, “Automatically downloads and renders the top result page in the background” without wasting a user’s bandwidth and battery life.

Bing Search PreRender

Bing recommends website owners leverage the pre-render tag for their web pages, “To boost your own visitors’ experience with your site.”