Bing Images Adds Animated GIF Filter


Bing announced there is a new filter within Bing Images to let you only see animated GIF images. Animated GIFs are a grouping of images that may appear as a movie but are just a series of images.

You can now filter your image searches on Bing by the animated GIF type.

Google Image search added this feature in March 2013. Personally, I love animated GIFs and I often use it to find creative animated graphics to share on Google+ and other social networks.

If you wanted to find animated GIFs of the loved former Bing Webmaster Outreach Manager, Duane Forrester, you can now do that on Bing.

After you go to Bing Images and search for [duane forrester], you can click on the type filter and selected “animated GIF”:


Then after you select that option, Bing will filter the images by only those that are animated GIFs:


When you click on the image, you are taken to a image preview on Bing:


Hovering on any of the images in the second image above will play the animation in the search results.

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