Bing Launches Awards Site In Time For Golden Globes, Grammy’s & The Oscars

bing-2013-logo-featuredBing has launched a new awards site in anticipation of upcoming award shows, including the Golden Globes, Grammy’s and Oscars.

According to the announcement, the site will serve as an online resource for “all things awards” with background information on nominees, tips for award-themed parties, and winner predictions based on Bing search statistics.

To start, Bing has dedicated the site to this Sunday’s Golden Globes scheduled to air at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC:

Based on Bing search data, look for big things from Bradley Cooper on Sunday at the Golden Globes. Following Cooper’s nomination for Golden Globe’s Best Supporting Actor in American Hustle, searches for the actor were dramatically higher than the other nominees in his category, capturing 90 percent of all searches among Best Supporting Actor nominees in December.

It will be interesting to see how well search numbers predict this year’s award winners.

Bing Awards site