Bing Maps Adds Hundreds Of Streetside & 3D City Images; Plus New HD Aerial Images


Bing announced a large maps update today, where they have added hundreds of Streetside images, 3D city images and new high resolution aerial images.

Bing Maps now has over a 100 cities that support Streetside imagery available across America. The images are available in these cities: Alameda County, CA Fresno, CA Richmond, VA, Anaheim, CA Greensboro, NC Sacramento, CA, Ann Arbor, MI Greenville, SC Saint Louis, MO, Atlanta, GA Jackson, MS Saint Petersburg, FL, Augusta, GA Jacksonville, FL San Bernardino, CA, Austin, TX Las Vegas, NV San Francisco County, CA, Bakersfield, CA Lincoln, NE San Mateo County, CA, Birmingham, AL Lubbock, TX Santa Clara County, CA, Boston, MA Madison, WI Santa Cruz County, CA, Boulder, CO Marin County, CA Sarasota, FL, Buffalo, NY Modesto, CA Shreveport, LA, Charleston, SC Montgomery, AL Solano County, CA, Chicago, IL Napa County, CA Sonoma County, CA, Cleveland, OH Norfolk, VA Stockton, CA, Colorado Springs, CO Norristown, PA Tallahassee, FL, Columbia, SC Omaha, NE Tampa, FL, Columbus, GA Orlando, FL Tulsa, OK, Contra Costa County, CA Palm Bay, FL Wichita, KS, Corpus Christi, TX Philadelphia County, PA Winston Salem, NC, Denver, CO Philadelphia, PA Winter Park, FL, Dover, DE Providence, RI, Fort Myers, FL and Raleigh, NC.

Here is a sample image, but note, you need Microsoft Silverlight to see them:


Bing Maps also now supports 125 highly detailed 3D cities viewable through the Bing Maps Preview app available exclusively on Windows 8.1. The cities include Albuquerque, NM, Las Vegas, NV, Tulsa, OK, Atlanta, GA, Louisville, KY, Universal Studios, FL, Charleston, SC, Memphis, TN, Corpus Christi, TX, New Orleans, LA, Denmark, Denver, CO, Oklahoma City, OK, Copenhagen, Disney World, FL, Orlando, FL, Durham, NC, Raleigh, NC, Canada, Fort Worth, TX, San Jose, CA, Edmonton, AB, Fremont, CA, St. Louis, MO, Toronto, ON, Houston, TX, St. Petersburg, FL, Vancouver, BC, Jacksonville, FL, Tampa, FL and Victoria, BC.

Here is a sample image:


Bing Maps has new high-resolution imagery in over 150 countries on every continent in the world, covering five million square kilometers. Here is a sample of an image from the Parthenon in Greece:


  (Stock image via Used under license.)

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