Bing: New York Sleeps Late; SF Gets Up The Earliest

bing-cityMicrosoft Bing posted data on the earliest risers by city based on Bing usage data. Bing said they “thought it would be interesting to look at Bing usage as a proxy for when people get online, start work or otherwise wake up.”

The earliest city to rise is San Francisco, reaching 50% of Bing traffic at 6:43AM and on the other side of the country is the latest, New York City, which achieves 50% of peak traffic on Bing 43 minutes later at 7:32AM. That shouldn’t surprise most, being that those on the West Coast typically are trying to get up early enough to start their business day around the same time as New Yorkers.

Bing came up with this data by calculating the time at which they receive 50% of daily peak traffic from each metro area in their local time zones. The 25 cities follow the same general curve across all seven days of the week. While the patterns are the same, Bing did see a 43 minute shift between the earliest risers and the late risers.

Here is the chart by city:


Here is the chart by day: