Bing Predictions Tackles The NFL, Likes The Broncos, Colts, Packers & Seahawks

NFL fans in Denver, Indianapolis, Green Bay and Seattle might be happy to know that Bing’s prediction engine has slated their hometown teams as the top seeds in the AFC and NFC this coming season.

Those are some of the initial prognostications as Bing sets its prediction engine loose on pro football.

The playoff predictions are part of a weekly power rankings that Bing plans to publish each Tuesday at 12:00 PM PT. A search for “nfl playoff predictions” will bring up the most up-to-date predictions for the six teams in each conference that Bing thinks are on track to make the playoffs.

Those aren’t the only predictions Bing has planned for football season. There’ll be weekly game-by-game predictions that will show on searches for NFL team names, along with an explanation behind why Bing is making each game prediction. And Bing’s also going to try helping fantasy football players by predicting who the top performers will be each week. That feature can be seen now by searching “fantasy football predictions.”


Bing’s prediction technology uses a variety of data to make intelligent guesses about upcoming events. Beyond the sports world, it’s been used for things as serious as politics (where Bing correctly predicted 97 percent of the 2014 U.S. Senate races) and as frivolous as entertainment awards (Bing got 84 percent of its Academy Awards predictions correct) and reality TV shows (where it correctly predicted 90 percent of American Idol results).

By the way, Bing’s other predicted NFL playoff teams this season? Baltimore, New England, Houston and Miami in the AFC; Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia and New Orleans in the NFC. But that’s just today; as any NFL fan knows, things can change quickly — and Bing is betting that its predictions can keep up every week as the season goes along.

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