Bing Predicts Launches For NCAA March Madness Basketball Fans

AreWeIn Bing Predicts
While most sports fanatics are focused on football this time of year, Bing Predicts is already prepping for the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament with the launch of

The site provides daily analysis around a team’s likelihood of making the tournament, offering predictions on what the team will be seeded, how it will finish and its conference standings.

Users can search a team or select one by scrolling through team logos on the site’s home page to see its scorecard listing Bing’s current predictions.

Bing Predicts Team Scorecard

arewein team scorecard

According to Bing, its predictions are based on “factors ranging from each team’s strength of schedule, opponents’ win/lose record, and even detailed statistical analysis regarding their on-court tendencies such as ball control, rebounding and field-goal percentage.”

Bing says it also uses web activity and social sentiment toward the teams, along with real-time information on details like athlete injuries and lineup changes.

While college basketball fans should love it, the site sounds like a gambler’s dream — not that we would endorse any illegal gambling activities.

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