Bing Predicts Reality Show Winners Using New “Bing Predictions” Search Technology

bing-2013-logo-featuredBing announced today it is launching Bing Predictions, a new feature that uses search query data and social signals to predict outcomes and events.

To kick-off its latest technology, Bing is applying its new search feature to predict the results of voting-based reality shows like The Voice, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

Users can perform searches on terms like “The Voice Predictions,” or “The Voice,” or even contestant names like, “Bria Kelly,” and Bing will deliver a carousel of a show’s contestants along with an estimation of who is winning, as well as which contestants are most likely to be voted off their respective shows.

From the Bing Search blog:

In broad strokes, we define popularity as the frequency and sentiment of searches combined with social signals and keywords. Placing these signals into our model, we can predict the outcome an event with high confidence. For The Voice, our model is tuned to account for biases, such as regional preferences, and other measurable and observable trends. 

Bing Predictions April 2014

Bing claimed it is planning on moving its prediction-based technology beyond reality-show outcomes in the future.