Bing previews new Bing Search APIs


Bing announced they are giving developers a preview of the new Bing Search APIs, version 5. The new APIs expose a lot more functionality for developers within the Bing Search infrastructure. The features include:

  • search across hundreds of billions of web pages, images, videos, and news results;
  • autosuggest services to improve accuracy and speed of user input in your apps and sites;
  • assistive services such as spell-check and adult intent signal;
  • access to trending topics including news, images and videos; and
  • ability to filter image and video results by size, license, style and price.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of what is available in the current API and what is now available in the new one:


The new APIs are REST APIs, which many developers prefer over the old format.

To join the preview, email Microsoft at

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