Bing Snapshot Adds 150 Million New Entities & Relationships To Search Engine

bing-satori-knowledge2-featuredDr. Richard Qian from the Bing Index and Knowledge Team announced that they’ve added an “additional 150 million entities” to power Bing’s Snapshot results.

This is part of Microsoft Bing’s efforts to improve and grow their knowledge engine they named Satori. Most recently, they added tax help and famous people data to the engine. Now, they have grown it by another 150 million entities bring in Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists and Real Estate Properties into the mix.

In the post, Bing gives Google a little jab saying, “unlike other search providers, we let you do something with that information.” By that they mean, the snapshot details let you play audio, music, etc., directly in the snapshot results. Let me share some fun new features Bing has here.

For example, searching for [tom cruise] not only gives you his bio, picture, related search and movies he is in but also shows you who he had romances with. I can see this feature getting some people into trouble:


Bing’s address search is smart enough to help you even when you don’t type in the full address and then brings up map, street views and other data on that address:


Here is where you can do something with the snapshot results: