Bing To Shut Down Webmaster Forums

Bing logo largeBing is shutting down their Bing Webmaster Forums by the end of this month or early June.

Duane Forrester of Bing said that the forums were turning into the place Bing expected and they have decided to shut it down to give them the “time and resources to focus energies in other directions.”

So what are you going to do for support now when it comes to Bing? Well, the Bing forums was rarely a good place to get Bing support. It really was not.

Duane said:

For general questions, our Help & How To section is built to handle the top line stuff. This includes housing our Webmaster Guidelines and deeper dives on how to use our tools.

For deeper conversations, our Webmaster Blog will continue to publish weekly, with comments open to all who wish to participate on the posted topics.

If there is a problem with Webmaster Tools, or with how Bing is interacting with your website, as usual, our email support exists to offer help in legitimate cases.

Otherwise, there are a number of communities online today that house exactly the expertise folks seek. We participate at WebmasterWorld, and encourage folks to engage the community at large with questions.

Yes, Bing is recommending you go to WebmasterWorld for forum support.