Bing Updates Deep Links Management While Google Displays Up To Ten Sitelinks

bing-google-logosMicrosoft Bing announced changes to the way they allow webmasters to manage their “deep links” in the search results, while Google has quietly added up to ten sitelinks for a navigational query.

Bing Deep Links Update

Vincent Wehren, Senior Program Manager at Bing Webmaster Tools, announced on the Bing Webmaster blog that they have updated the Deep Links management feature by removing features in order to make it more useful to webmasters. The features webmasters have access to now for managing “deep links” (Google calls them Sitelinks) include:

  • Block a deep link URL from showing up anywhere with a single action
  • Block a deep link only in a specific country/region
  • No more limitations to information about your deep links
  • Deep links blocks now expire after 90 days

Google Adds Ten Sitelinks

Meanwhile, Google has added up to ten Sitelinks for a navigational type of query for the domain name. For example, if you search for [], Google will now show ten sitelinks, as opposed to 4 or 6.

Here is a picture: