Bing Updates iPhone App With New Search Widget, Bookmarks Manager & Shake Feature

New Bing logoWithin a week of releasing three new Windows phone apps, Bing announced a series of updates for its iPhone app, including a search widget to help with navigation, new image tiles, and a shake feature to see what stories are trending.

According to the announcement, the new Bing iPhone app search widget has four buttons, allowing users to: return to the homepage, do a voice search, perform a text search, or view recent searches.

Bing iPhone app updates Feb 2014

Bing’s iPhone app also now lets users do multiple searches, and manage recent searches from the “Recent” page:

Swipe a tile off the screen if it’s no longer relevant, open a new one to do a new search, or close them all.

Bing iPhone app Recents page Feb 2014

Bing has also added full screen tiles to display trending queries and images:

Bing iPhone app Image tiles Feb 2014

Bing says users can now open search results via the browser, or bookmark sites and open them within the app using the new Bookmarks manager.

Bing iPhone app Bookmark1 Feb 2014 Bing iPhone app Bookmark2 Feb 2014

The Bing iPhone app’s new shake feature lets users shake their phone to see new trending stories. The app’s auto-suggest feature has also been updated, letting users expand search query items.

Bing iPhone app autosuggest Feb 2014