Bing Uses Its Predictions Technology To Forecast 2014 World Cup Winners

bing-600To kick-off today’s 2014 FIFA World Cup, Bing has launched a number of features around the tournament, including using its Bing Predictions technology to forecast World Cup winners.

“On the heels of our recent foray into predictions, where we forecasted which contestants were most likely to get voted off or win The Voice, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, we are taking the experiment a step further applying it to the World Cup,” said Bing.

Basing its predictions on factors like team records, home field advantages, weather conditions, and win-loss probabilities, Bing users can see which World Cup teams Bing predicts will win by searching for “World Cup predictions” along with the group division.

Bing Predicts world cup

In addition to predicting the outcome of the games, Bing has rolled out a tabbed schedule and scores feature that displays whenever someone searches “World Cup Schedule” or “World Cup Scores.”

Bing World Cup schedule

The search engine has also added player snapshots to search results for World Cup competitors, making it easy to find information on the individual soccer stars.

Bing World Cup player snapshot