Bing’s Knowledge Repository, Satori, Adds More Interactive Content

bing-featuredDr. Richard Qian from the Microsoft Bing Index & Knowledge Team announced some major updates to Satori, Bing’s version of Google’s knowledge graph.

The updates are vast and incredibly smart, making the Bing knowledge repository a lot more useful and interactive.

The new features include:

  • Links to TED Talks when people searches return the talks
  • Audio to listen to famous speeches and national anthems
  • Links to online courses at some universities
  • University rankings
  • Scientific topics explanations
  • Snapshots of historic events
  • Place to People relationships, so when you search for a place, related people show
  • Animal information
  • Natural language question and answers
  • Quick way to discover and download apps and software

Here are some screen shots showing off some of these features:





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