Bing’s Satori Adds Timeline Data For About 500k Famous People


Satori, Bing’s knowledge index, is expanding with the addition of timeline-style facts about important individuals.

The new “Timeline” section is now showing up in the right-side search results for famous people such as Abraham Lincoln and Isaac Asimov (shown above), along with athletes (Serena and Venus Williams), artists (Vincent Van Gogh), business people (Bill Gates, Donald Trump, etc.), explorers (Sacagawea) and other important people.

The Timeline section seems to be almost exclusively reliant on Wikipedia, at least based on my searches this morning.

Bing says it currently has timelines for about 500,000 important people and it’s “constantly adding to the list.” It won’t, though, show timeline-style data for all famous people. For people like actors and singers, Bing will continue to show their movies, songs and albums in the Satori-powered search results.